Closing Technique “As If it were FREE”

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I give my seminars, The Ruthless Entrepreneur System, I tell people that sales is one of the hardest professions in the world, but if you can master the art of selling, you can become one of the highest paid people around. The problem with sales, like any exciting, fast paced career, is that it is not for everyone. It can be tedious with long hours, hard work, plenty of rejection and uphill battles that seem impossible to climb at times. But in the end, when you close that sale nothing is sweeter or more gratifying. Why? Well sure, we feel a great sense of accomplishment, pride and achievement along with the increased respect of our peers but more than that, and I think I speak for all entrepreneurs, that is when we get PAID!

If you don’t close the sale, you don’t collect a check. It’s that simple. When I conduct my seminars I tell the attendees that the two most important aspects of the sale are rapport with the prospect and overcoming objections. If you cannot do these two aspects correctly, there will be no close. That said, you still need to understand what to SAY once that moment of truth arrives because I can tell you right now, the prospect is not going to close himself for the benefit of you or because you are a swell person. Not going to happen. You still need to fully understand how to close out the transaction once you have developed the trust and rapport of the client, overcome their objections and set them up for completion.

 Unfortunately for a lot of novice and even veteran salespeople who think they have done a standup job getting the transaction to the point of close, they still manage to hear the words: “I need to think about it.” These are the absolute worst words a salesperson can ever hear. I would rather hear a flat out “no” than the above phrase because it keeps you in limbo, provides false hope, and, in most cases, has you wasting more time on this client than is necessary.

What I want to do now is share with you is one of the sixteen most powerful closing techniques on earth, techniques that I have used with TREMENDOUS success with decision makers at every level, in every industry, regardless of their country or economic stature. I don’t care if you are dealing with the CEO of a FORTUNE 500 company or the president of a small local firm in your area, you are STILL dealing with the human psyche, and HOW and WHEN you ask for the sale is just as important as WHAT you say. Follow along closely and you will see how easy it is to incorporate this technique into your sales career. I can promise you it will bring you great success, but only when used in the in the right situation.

I come up with this closing technique out of pure and simple frustration. Frustrated with making a stellar case on the many benefits and features my service gave to the prospect at an amazing cost, only to have him hem and haw and put off making a final decision. Then one day I said to myself, “What the heck, I will have HIM sell it to me.” Now hear me out before you start saying, “What is he talking about? Have his OWN prospect sell his product to him?” Yes, absolutely.

You see, a prospect may WANT your product or service, may NEED your product or service and may even agree the price is fair and affordable, but in the back of his mind he cannot seem to give himself permission to move forward. He needs to hear it from the horse’s mouth. HIS OWN! So get him to hear from himself firsthand and close the sale! I call it the “If it were FREE” close and I will illustrate:

You: “I see that you are hesitant to committing to the deal, so I want to ask a pointed question and please, give me a pointed, honest answer. Fair enough?”

 Prospect: “Fair enough.”

 You: “If I gave you our service for FREE would you take it then?”

 Prospect: (Laughing and a little startled, thinking he is about to get the deal of a lifetime): Free? Of course I would, who wouldn’t?”

You: “Well Frank, besides it being FREE, why else would you want it?”

Prospect: “Well for one, your delivery date is exactly what I am looking for. I also like the color and the size. Your customer service is the best I have seen and the financing terms seem to be what I am looking for?”

You: “With all the benefits you just mentioned, don’t you think the RTF Model is worth the investment? You, yourself just stated why you would buy. Why wait any longer, let’s get you owning it today. Here, let me show you how…” (or something along those lines that pertain to your product or service)

Remember, the goal here is to have the prospect HEAR themselves give the benefits of doing business with you rather then YOU telling them and once they hear this from a reassuring voice (their own) closing this deal will be a seamless transition.

Mark McClure

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